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• Wall Street Journal Slams HR 1161. CARE Act my foot.

Wall Street Journal Slams HR 1161. CARE Act my foot.

Congress specializes in giving nice names to bad bills, and the latest is the Community Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness (Care) Act. This purports to give states and communities more authority to regulate alcohol. In fact, its purpose is to prevent out-of-state wine producers from selling directly to consumers around the country. The federal government and states […]

• New Jersey: Old Judgment Threatens Consumer-Direct Wine Sales

Forgotten New Jersey case could give equal privileges to out-of-state wineries. A recent court decision regarding New Jersey wine laws could potentially threaten the rights of wineries to have satellite tasting rooms and self distribute their wines—or it could allow out-of-state wineries to have those privileges. The case seemingly rose from the dead and slipped […]

• Supreme Court Asked To Review Discrimination In Wine Shipping

In asking the Supreme Court of the United States to grant a review of the case of Wine Country Gift Baskets v. Steen, a coalition of American wine retailers hopes the high court will to bring a definitive end to the ongoing interstate trade war over the direct shipment of wine. The battle over direct […]