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• Didja know? Idaho’s wine industry is gaining ground

Didja know? Idaho’s wine industry is gaining ground

Tractors still dot the fruit-and-nut themed roads (Plum, Pecan, Apricot) of Canyon County’s Sunny Slope, but these days party-themed limousines and weekend wine tourists are also in evidence. Their quarry is a cluster of mostly small wineries with an increasingly big reputation. “We have eight wineries within 10 miles, which is enough for a two-day […]

• Don't hold back. Champagne is really an everyday wine

The case for treating the fizzy drink like any other wine. Like mistletoe, eggnog, and despised relatives, Champagne is something that people typically see only during the holidays. Even when Champagne is broken out at other times of the year, it is usually to mark special events—births, marriages, weddings, divorces, graduations, promotions, etc. Champagne is […]