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• French wine in cans? Sacre bleu!

French wine in cans? Sacre bleu!

Le vin … en canette: In a move that will raise a few perfectly arched French eyebrows, Winestar is putting premium Languedoc wine in aluminum cans. The 187-ml cans (equivalent of ¼ bottle) are oxygen- and light-resistant and packaged with an internal coating designed for wine. The first cans to hit California in June will […]

• Fat white wines for colder days

Fat white wines for colder days

The time for crisp, refreshing summer whites and rosés is over for another year (don’t all cry at once), but that doesn’t mean you have to give up white wine altogether. Most wine promotions at this time of year tend to focus on autumn reds, but after months of talking about crisp, refreshing whites and […]

• Beyond Viognier, California Rhone-style whites

Beyond Viognier, California Rhone-style whites

As Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio remain stuck in monotone, it’s a pleasure to see an ever-expanding roster of West Coast wineries producing Rhone-style efforts – beyond the once-and-again fortunes of Viognier (which we taste separately). In part, it might be because more fruit is available; nearly twice as much Grenache Blanc was crushed in 2009 […]