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• Liquor brands get free marketing boost thanks to music industry

Liquor brands get free marketing boost thanks to music industry

Some of the top liquor brands are getting a free marketing boost thanks to the music industry, a new study finds. Research from the Boston University School of Public Health and the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth (CAMY) at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health revealed that that four alcohol brands specifically […]

• World’s largest rosé Champagne released

World’s largest rosé Champagne released

Armand de Brignac has released the world’s largest bottle of rosé Champagne onto the market. The 15l Nebuchadnezzar of Armand de Brignac Rosé, equivalent to twenty regular 75cl bottles, is housed in the brand’s signature metallic bottle finished with a pewter ace of spades. Only a limited number of bottles will be produced each year […]

• All Bacardi rum supplied to U.S. bottled in Jacksonville

All Bacardi rum supplied to U.S. bottled in Jacksonville

Don Facundo Bacardi Masso purchased a small distillery in Cuba nearly 150 years ago and his legacy lives on through the Bacardi rum that is bottled in Jacksonville. The Bacardi Bottling plant in North Jacksonville produces 45,000 cases of rum daily and supplies 100 percent of the Bacardi rum that is consumed in the United […]

• Wodka & A New Business Model: Cheap, Premium Vodka

Wodka & A New Business Model: Cheap, Premium Vodka

While no one can deny that consumption is a form of social distinction, it sounds even more absurd to think that people will pay more for an equal product.  Calling the market bluff on the whole premium liquor industry, Wodka Vodka is trying to revolutionize the market with a new business model: cheap, premium vodka. […]

• The Family Behind Grey Goose Launches New Vodka

The Family Behind Grey Goose Launches New Vodka

The company that gave birth to high-end vodka is back for another round. Sidney Frank Importing, the New York-based spirits giant that introduced the world to that $30-a-bottle wonder known as Grey Goose, has announced the launch of American Harvest Organic Spirit, a “vodka-like” specialty – essentially, a flavored vodka – that’s “handcrafted in small […]

• Happy Valentine’s Day! Forget Flowers…Give Her A $22,000 Martini

Happy Valentine’s Day! Forget Flowers…Give Her A $22,000 Martini

Valentine’s Day always brings in a fair share of romantic gestures, but the folks at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo have more in mind than just flowers and chocolates. For those intent on splurging on their special someone, the hotel has a 1.8 million yen (about US$22,000) cocktail on the menu. The Ritz’s Diamond Martini, created in […]

• Finally, A Vodka With Soul

Finally, A Vodka With Soul

Every year some 200 vodka brands hit the market worldwide. Most are gimmicks. There’s one that comes bottled in a glass skull. There’s one flavored with smoked salmon. There’s one dyed black. Only two of those 200 live much beyond their first birthday. Can Karlsson’s, an upstart brand from Sweden made from new potatoes, buck […]

• High-End Liquor Helps U.S. Economy as Grey Goose Soars

The American drinker is once again feeling rich enough to spend on expensive spirits like Grey Goose vodka and Woodford Reserve, the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S. said. Manufacturer sales to wholesalers of so-called super premium spirits grew 11 percent to $3.1 billion in 2010 after falling 4.1 percent the previous year, the council […]

• So 2011! The Rise of Cheap-Chic Vodkas

So 2011! The Rise of Cheap-Chic Vodkas

A long time ago, in an economy far away, plunking down 30 bucks for a bottle of Stoli was no biggie. Then again, neither were subprime mortgages. The recession has changed all that, of course, and made saving money cool. The latest proof: cheap-chic vodkas—award-winning distillations that sell for around 10 bucks. “We’ve left the […]

• Serve Your Vodka With Panache

Serve Your Vodka With Panache

Product Features 8-Piece vodka serving set by Oggi Set includes bucket with shot glass holder and 6 shot glasses Double wall; prevents condensation from forming on the outside Use for holidays, parties and every day Measures 7-1/2 by 7-1/2 by 9-inch Unfortunately this item does not come with the bottle of Grey Goose!

• Recession Lesson: Scale back the Grey Goose

“Make mine a Vodka martini, but hold the Grey Goose.” Even liquor gets impacted by the economy with consumers searching out the best values when they head to their local liquor stores. That’s why importers and distributors are targeting the retail market with super-premium vodkas at popular prices. Case in point would be Wodka, a […]