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• Report: Marinating Meat In Beer Reduces Cancer Risk

Report: Marinating Meat In Beer Reduces Cancer Risk

Who doesn’t love a cold beer at a BBQ on a hot summer day? Well your BBQ just got even better, because according to a new study, using it to marinate your meats before grilling can actually help reduce your risk of cancer. Studies have found that grilled meats can sometimes contain cancer-causing substances after […]

• Genius! Wine & Cheese Grilled Cheese

Genius! Wine & Cheese Grilled Cheese

Wine and cheese. Makes sense right? Everybody knows it, so WHY has nobody made a Wine & Cheese Grilled Cheese before?!?!? As I’m writing this, I decided to give it a Google, and found nothing! I like to think of myself as a bit of a grilled cheese trendsetter, so this pleases me greatly! Now […]