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• Shmaltz Brewing Co. – 88 Chosen Bars Pouring Jewbalation For Hanukkah

Shmaltz Brewing Co. – 88 Chosen Bars Pouring Jewbalation For Hanukkah

88 Bars across the country were asked to feature, on draft, ALL 8 recipes of Jewbelation (8 through 14 plus the Barrel-Aged Vertical Blend) for the 8 nights of Chanukah or Hanukkah…whichever is your preferred spelling. Here is the list of Chosen Bars that will be pouring all 8 Jewbelation beers this holiday. Please check […]

• L'Chaim Kosher Vodka For Hanukkah Toasts

L'Chaim Kosher Vodka For Hanukkah Toasts

Kosher drinkers have more to cheer about this holiday season as a growing number spirits producers seek — and receive — the seal of approval from Jewish dietary authorities. “It’s an additional process and expense that raises the bar on quality,” said Ralph Mizraji, a Miami-based branding specialist who this year brought out a new […]

• 8 Days of Hanukkah Cocktails

8 Days of Hanukkah Cocktails

Look up “holiday cocktails” and most of what you will find, understandably enough, is geared toward Christmas—eggnog and glogg and other names that require the entire Scrabble supply of Gs. Not that these drinks have anything to do with the birth of Jesus, but through tradition they have become associated with yuletide celebration. But why […]