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• Disco-Era Cocktails Are Groovy Again

Disco-Era Cocktails Are Groovy Again

These vintage drinks will have you singing, ‘I Will Imbibe’. ARE 1970S-STYLE cocktails replacing tiki drinks as the guilty pleasure du jour? A growing number of bars and restaurants are indeed offering revamped editions of post-Watergate libations. Unlike the austerely bitter tipples favored in recent years by the neo-speakeasy set, these throwbacks skew sweet, fruity, […]

• Oscars 2014: Cocktails to Pair with Best Picture Nominations

Oscars 2014: Cocktails to Pair with Best Picture Nominations

Time to get gussied up and pass out the ballots. You may not be invited to next Sunday’s 86th annual Academy Awards, but the front-row couch at home is the perfect spot to catch glimpses of glitz — and sip a few inspired cocktails. Whether you’ll be rooting for “Gravity” with a tequila-based Out of […]

• L.A.’s Best Cocktails Via Jonathan Gold

L.A.’s Best Cocktails Via Jonathan Gold

We have, I think, nearly come to agreement on what an essential restaurant might be in Los Angeles, a place that may have transcendent food or occupy a niche in the social ecosystem, but explains something to us about ourselves. Our ideas on the subject are firm. The nature of an essential cocktail may be […]