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• Red Stripe Criticized for Marketing Gross Soda Beer to Underage Girls

Red Stripe Criticized for Marketing Gross Soda Beer to Underage Girls

Red Stripe, that oddly-bottled Jamaican beer your annoying hipster friend is more likely to order after everyone else has ordered some banal domestic brew, has gotten into trouble over its marketing strategy for the cloying new beverage Red Stripe Burst, a raspberry-flavored illness inducer the company is pitching to 18 to 24-year-old women. But wait, […]

An American Gin To Be Proud Of And Other Boozy Musings

An American Gin To Be Proud Of And Other Boozy Musings

Nothing like going to your favorite local for a little uplifting booze tasting. I was happily informed that the bar at Messhall was stocking Letherbee gin out of Chicago. I first had it in a barrel-aged Negroni at Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar, a bit of a mouthful of a name but one of […]

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• 50 year old Jamaican rum comes to market

50 year old Jamaican rum comes to market

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum has unveiled a 50 Year Old Jamaica Rum, which the company claims to be the world’s oldest. J. Wray & Nephew owned Appleton Estate 50 Year Old Jamaica Rum has been launched to celebrate Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of Independence this summer. Only 800 bottles will be made available for sale around the world […]

• Endless Summer: Rum is Sunshine Distilled

Endless Summer: Rum is Sunshine Distilled

Rum and I first met in the late 1970s, at a beach bar in Malibu, California. The drink was a chaotic mix of pineapple, orange, and passion-fruit juices, with grenadine, garnished with a maraschino cherry bleeding red dye onto a chunk of canned pineapple. Even with all those elements competing for my attention, the personality […]

• Appleton Estate ReMixology Bartender Challenge

Appleton Estate ReMixology Bartender Challenge

REMIXOLOGY is a Bartender challenge of Cocktail Creation Skill & Inspiration In a song, the chorus has the main theme and hook.  Appleton Estate Reserve is the “theme and hook” in your cocktail.  Build the theme, add the verses, top with a title and garnish with a picture and then explain your inspiration when submitting […]

• Can you copyright a cocktail?

Can you copyright a cocktail?

Boozenews note: Publishing this article, despite inaccuracies pointed out in the COMMENTS, as it focuses on an interesting question. Shortly after the tiki-themed cocktail lounge Painkiller opened its doors on the Lower East Side of Manhattan this May, a man walked into the bar and threatened to issue a cease and desist order. Pusser’s, which […]