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• Shocker Alert: Pauly D Getting Into Liquor Business

Shocker Alert: Pauly D Getting Into Liquor Business

Move over Bethenny Frankel, Pauly D is rumored to be getting into the pre-mixed cocktail business. The Jersey Shore star is known for drinking and partying, so doesn’t it makes sense for Pauly D to have his own cocktail line? Keep reading to find out why Pauly D might strike it rich with this liquor […]

• Is tequila the new vodka?

Is tequila the new vodka?

The Situation – that fist-pumping, grenade-avoiding, gym-tanning-laundry cad from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” – is now shilling for Devotion Vodka, a spirit infused with protein powder. My first thought: Wow, that’s a radical departure from the spirits industry’s usually sanctimonious (and hypocritical) “responsibility” message. My second thought: There is now clear evidence that vodka’s cultural fashion-accessory […]