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• Au Revoir, Hemingway Bar…for a while

Au Revoir, Hemingway Bar…for a while

As the famed Parisian watering hole shutters its doors, we talk to its soon-to-be sought after bartender-host before last call. Over the past 18 years, Colin Field has made the Hemingway Bar of the Ritz Paris the city’s pre-eminent watering hole. More than a bartender, Mr. Field is a host with a knack for sparking […]

• Whisky Not For Men Only Anymore

Whisky Not For Men Only Anymore

Apparently Kate Moss and Jessica Alba don’t mind a dram. A good old-fashioned glass of whisky, that is. Traditionally the drink of middle-aged businessmen, whisky is becoming increasingly fashionable, especially with women. The characters of stylish TV show Mad Men have shown us how it’s done (drinking it all day long for that matter). And […]