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• Must have accessory. Lindsay Lohan booze bracelet

Must have accessory. Lindsay Lohan booze bracelet

Actress Lohan posed in bikinis and short dresses with her tag in 2010 – and they could soon be coming to a court near you. New laws banning people from drinking and forcing them to wear “booze bracelets” are to be introduced. Courts will have the power to issue alcohol-monitoring ankle tags, the sort worn […]

• Wine’s Tom Hanks: Why Everyone Loves Sancerre

Wine’s Tom Hanks: Why Everyone Loves Sancerre

CELEBRITIES, consumer brands and countless TV shows are deemed successes or failures based in part on their “Q Scores,” which measure familiarity and mass appeal. (Tom Hanks, for example, is a perpetual high scorer, while Lindsay Lohan ranks unsurprisingly low.) If wines were accorded similar ratings, I’m certain that Sancerre would top the list. Consider […]

• Death by Flavored Vodka

Death by Flavored Vodka

If spirits writers and apocalyptic cults are right and the world actually ends in 2012, it will be because of the new wave of flavored vodkas that evoke a stream of childhood memories. “Whipped cream vodka tastes like, well, whipped cream vodka, which mostly tastes like whipped cream.” According to the Mayan calendar, 2012 may […]