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• Lime shortage in U.S.; Margaritas, guacamole feel pinch

Lime shortage in U.S.; Margaritas, guacamole feel pinch

Hard times in Margaritaville: skyrocketing lime prices slam Mexican restaurants and bars. Cartel violence in the Mexican state of Michocan, plus floods and tree disease, have driven costs of the green citrus to an all-time high. In the U.S., which receives more than 95% of its limes from Mexico, there are sky-high prices and a […]

• Tequila 101: A Basic Primer

Tequila 101: A Basic Primer

“From margaritas to body shots, tequila has played an unforgettable role in America’s drinking history. But let’s face it: how much do you really know about the Central American spirit? I’ll be the first one to admit: I knew nada. So, instead of opting for one of the more advanced seminars on craft cocktail tools […]