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• Home Distilling is Popular, But is it legal?

Home Distilling is Popular, But is it legal?

America is enjoying its greatest DIY movement in decades. Knitting, gardening, preserving and home brewing all are enjoying tremendous popularity. “Farm to fork” is the new hipster mantra. Also enjoying a revival: spirits, both straight and combined into classic cocktails. Put that all together and shake vigorously and what do you get? The rising popularity […]

• Booze trend of 2013? Moonshine

Booze trend of 2013? Moonshine

Moonshine was a DIY staple of the Prohibition era, a backwoods rotgut that could make you blind or see God, sometimes both. And now, among small-batch boutique American whiskey distilleries, it’s one of the year’s hottest booze trends. The Discovery Channel docudrama Moonshiners may account for some of this newfound glamor. But industry experts say […]