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• Top 10 Songs Featuring Moscato

Top 10 Songs Featuring Moscato

Moscato is enjoying a hip hop renaissance having featured in a number of rap songs and it has become a hugely popular drink in the US. In 2011 sales in the US passed US$300 million and sales in Canada doubled. The sweet wine has become a particularly popular drink among the 20-30 age group, which […]

• Moscato Madness: The Dessert Wine’s Sweet Surge

Moscato Madness: The Dessert Wine’s Sweet Surge

In the U.S., wine drinking has held its own during these hard economic times, and even grown in some unlikely corners. Moscato, for example, the Italian dessert wine, has gone from relative obscurity to the toast of the town. Hip-hop singer Drake, in his song “Do It Now,” gives it a shout-out. It’s also the […]

• Hip-hop help sees Moscato sales soar

Hip-hop help sees Moscato sales soar

Sales of Moscato are soaring in the US as hip-hop artists continue to name-check the low alcohol sweet wine in their songs. Breaking out of its after-dinner niche, US Moscato sales grew more than 80% for the 52 weeks ending 12 November, according to Nielsen. “The last thing I can remember that shot out of […]

• Mourvèdre: A wine whose time has come

Mourvèdre: A wine whose time has come

I’M ALWAYS on the lookout for the next big thing in the wine world. It might be something that magically captures the fancy of consumers — such as Prosecco and Moscato d’Asti have this summer — or a trend that suddenly crops up among winemakers. Hold your breath no longer, here it is: Mourvèdre. Now, […]

• The aromatic joys of moscato

The aromatic joys of moscato

With its floral perfume, muscat can be tremendously seductive. I long have been a fan of these wines, which often go by the Italian name moscato. I just can’t get enough of those aromas. But I never envisioned muscat/moscato becoming the next big thing for U.S. wine drinkers. Sales of domestic and imported muscat are […]

• What’s The Next Big Thing in Wine?

What’s The Next Big Thing in Wine?

Is Moscato The Next Big Thing (TNBT) in wine? That’s the question Liza B. Zimmerman asks in an article in the March 2011 issue of Wine Business Monthly titled “A New White Zin is in the House.” Moscato wines sales soared by 91.4 percent by dollar value according to Zimmerman’s article, compared with 4.9 percent […]