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• Job: Madison County looking to hire hops specialist

Job: Madison County looking to hire hops specialist

There’s hope yet for hops in Madison County. The county’s Agricultural Economic Development agency is looking to hire a community educator specializing in hops to ensure Madison County prospers in the increasingly-popular agricultural field of hops. “There’s a lot of momentum around growing hops in New York state and really throughout the Northeast,” AED Specialist […]

• Here’s why more wine isn’t ‘organic’

Here’s why more wine isn’t ‘organic’

Sulfites are forbidden in organic products by the USDA, but most winemakers consider the preservative crucial in winemaking, so few wineries want the label. This sounds familiar: a national consumer group is fighting to maintain organic standards against industry people who want to weaken them. But when it comes to “organic wine,” the well-meaning consumers […]