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• 110-year-old Brit woman credits longevity to whiskey. Salut!

110-year-old Brit woman credits longevity to whiskey. Salut!

One of the oldest women in the UK, who recently celebrated her 110th birthday, puts her longevity down to a daily glass of whiskey and quitting smoking six years ago. And each afternoon at her care home in Hull, Dorothy Peel has a sherry. “I don’t drink much at all. In the evening, I drink […]

• Avoiding Mixology Mishaps

Avoiding Mixology Mishaps

A new year is an opportunity to start things fresh. Our resolutions are almost always about bettering oneself. But sadly, few live up to their lofty goals. So many fall by the wayside as they attempt to lose weight, quit smoking or write the next great American novel. But some resolutions are easy to stick […]