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• The Myths of the Bar, Debunked

The Myths of the Bar, Debunked

EDUCATING the average drinker on the qualities of firewater, and how to best enjoy it, has been one of the central credos of the new generation of mixologists. “Knowledge!” they cry, as they throw back shots of Fernet-Branca. But some booze-addled misconceptions continue to cling to the lizard brain of the American tippler. An army […]

• Scottish whisky crowned World Whisky of the Year

Scottish whisky crowned World Whisky of the Year

  The Old Pulteney whisky produced by the Pulteney distillery in Wick, northern Scotland, took the top spot in Jim Murray’s respected 2012 Whisky Bible. Despite Scotland’s reputation as the home of whisky, it is only the second time a Scottish distillery has won the coveted title. The 21-year-old dram scored 97.5 points out of […]