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Part 2: Report from Great American Beer Festival

on 23/09/10 at 12:31 pm

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Beer hats

Entering the Great American Beer Festival for the first session on Thursday, I was a tad over-whelmed by the crowd of at least 10,000, and the opportunity to chose among 2,000 beers. The people who attend these things, and craft beer aficionados in general, tend to be very friendly. Over the course of my three day visit, I spoke to close to a hundred participants and I found that they tend to take their beer seriously but not themselves. This was most evident in the attire worn by many of the more boisterous participants. I noted kilts, lederhosen, hundreds of amusing T-shirts, and hats made of beer cans. These are not folks who think that Armageddon is just around the corner but that the newest offering from the Oskar Blues Brewery might be. The optimism, conviviality, and sense of possibility that these craft brewery enthusiasts have makes you think that they should install a pub in the United Nations.

Beer tastes better in a kilt

The event also features a number of awards, 79 categories to be exact. Check out who won and more information on this great event. This year’s tickets sold out in just a few weeks, so if you feel like joining the pilgrimage next year you can add your E-mail to their list. If you have the time, I can’t recommend this event more highly.
by Beer Chaser/BoozeNews intrepid reporter

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