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Top 10 Liquor, Beer & Wine Trend Predictions for 2011

on 10/01/11 at 3:31 pm


Beverages counted for approximately 30% of the average restaurant’s revenue and 50% of its profit. And with the upwards turn of the economy, we’ll see spirits, wine and beer play a more prominent part on the culinary stage. Here is how we predict liquor, wine and beer will advance in 2011:

1. Cocktail & Food Pairing: Beer and food pairing was all the rage in 2010, and wine and food pairing will always have its place in the gourmet world. But 2011 will see an uptake of pairing food with different cocktails. While experts thought that this trend would go mainstream in 2010, the culinary cocktail concept is just starting to take off. Both sweet and savory, cocktail and food pairings will take center stage in the New Year.

2. The Bar Chef: As mixology evolves and cocktail and food pairings become more prominent in the culinary world, we’ll see mixologist and chef merge into one. Turning their noses down on processed and artificial ingredients, the bar chef will always opt for natural, organic components when fashioning their culinary cocktails.

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