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2 Texas wineries recognized among the best in the U.S.

on 15/07/14 at 11:36 am


indexTexas gets only a little vino love on a new list of the country’s 101 best wineries. Despite the presence of more than 270 wineries in the Lone Star State, only two Texas wineries appear on the list, created by The Daily Meal. McPherson Cellars Winery in Lubbock shows up at No. 87 and Becker Vineyards in Stonewall at No. 93. Not surprisingly, California wineries dominate the list.

“There are certainly more than two deserving wineries in Texas, but the competition is so strong and varied from California and the Pacific Northwest that it’s difficult to find room in a highly limited listing — a mere 101 out of an estimated 7,000-plus wineries in the U.S. — for any significant representation from Texas or other states producing good wines,” said Colman Andrews, editorial director of The Daily Meal.

Andrews said few of the panelists who picked the wineries on the list have sampled Texas’ wine offerings. He said that’s because the state produces a relatively small amount of wine — more than 3 million gallons in 2012 — and because distribution of Texas wines is “extremely limited” outside the state.

“I’ve spent a great deal of time in Texas and have been lucky enough to have been able to enjoy many, many Texas vintages, and I have no doubt that in years to come, more and more of them will find there way onto lists like this — but California and the Pacific Northwest will always remain in the majority, as far as I can predict,” Andrews said.

Although California and the Pacific Northwest rule the winery scene in the U.S., Texas does rank as the No. 5 grape and wine producer among the 50 states, according to the Texas Wine & Grape Growers Association.

According to Time Warner Cable News in Austin, wineries in Texas didn’t really start to take off until the 1990s.