Could 3 Bucks Whole Foods wine be the new 2 Buck Chuck?

on 08/12/10 at 12:25 pm

On the heels of Two-Buck-Chuck (the moniker for Charles Shaw wines sold for $1.99 at Trader Joe’s stores), Whole Foods Market has come out with its own take on value wine.

Three Wishes Vineyards (based in Livermore, California, an emerging wine-production area southeast of the East Bay area of San Francisco; and Ripon, California, in San Joaquin County) is the producer for these wines. Non-vintage, they first became available for sale at Whole Foods Market locations in October. The glass bottles are even made of a lighter-weight glass, which is a green thing to do (fewer fossil fuels are needed to transport the wine to retailers).

We took a swig of these and here are our thoughts. Bottom line: For $3? Good. Is it the best wine we’ve ever had? No. But it sure beats the quality of a lot of $8-$10 wines. Consider stocking up for the holidays, even if you just need a new vice while you wrap presents late into the night…

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