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7 New Napa Valley Pioneers

on 19/09/11 at 11:03 am


Named “Napa” by the area’s native Wappo Indians for its abundant natural resources, this fertile valley boasts a long list of dedicated pioneers. The first was George Calvert Yount who, nearly 190 years ago, established the region’s first homestead and planted its very first grapevines.

The Napa Valley pioneers of today are leaders—not only in industry, but in the environment, and community initiatives as well. We congratulate these seven and ask, “Why do you love the Napa Valley?”

1 | Kit Crawford, Clif Family Wine

As Co-CEO of Clif Bar & Company, Kit works as an advocate for Slow Food and the local community. Her love affair with the Napa Valley began when she and her husband Gary purchased a home and farm here. She is a parent of a St. Helena High School student, participates in many fundraising activities for the local community, and relishes her work on the family farm, along with hikes and bike rides.

KC: “Go beyond the natural beauty and great wines of Napa Valley and you will find a community that cares deeply about sustaining its agricultural and natural resources. Napa Valley fosters our own commitment to local organic food sources, as well as the environment and our passions for food and adventure.”

2 | Philippe Melka, Cliff Lede Vineyards, Melka Wines, etc.

Philippe is recognized as one of the wine industry’s leading winemakers and was recently named by Robert Parker as one of the world’s top nine wine consultants. He currently consults for more than a dozen wineries in the region.

PM: “I love the Napa Valley because it is culturally diverse, very safe for children, extremely community-minded, gastronomically incredible, and of course it has a fantastic soil for winemaking.”

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