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Ancient Greek wine tasted…how?

on 17/09/13 at 8:53 am


Greek-WineDionysus, son of Zeus, is known to the world as the bringer of wine. His visage can been seen today on the Sommelier’s pin, a symbol of respect to wine’s contribution throughout history. It seems appropriate too: both of Dionysus’ personalities of extreme pleasure and unthinking rage fit rather perfectly when describing the effects of drinking.

What if the God of Wine, Dionysus, actually existed? What were the wines of Ancient Greece really like? Also, what type of wine glass or goblet would the Greek god of wine use? Let’s take a closer look at ancient Greek wine.

How did Ancient Greek wine taste?

Ancient Greek writers referred to wine as ‘sweet’, ‘dry’ or ‘sour’. There were also white wines and black wines (aka red wine). Sour wines were produced with unripe grapes and had heightened acidity. Since wine preservation methods were poor at best, wines most likely oxidized quickly…