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Bored of Bordeaux? Napa no longer dapper?

on 31/05/11 at 5:09 pm


If you stand in the supermarket aisles for hours on end trying to decide between a Merlot and Chablis, then why not give your traditional wine choices a miss altogether and go for something a little more exciting?

Here are our top five best and most unusual choices of world wines from 5 unusual wine regions:

Ukraine – From Grains to Grapes

When most of us think of Ukraine, we think of bitterly cold winters, lashings of vodka and political shenanigans; not necessarily fine wines. However, monks in the north of Ukraine have been churning out wine since the 4th Century BC, believe it or not! By the time the whole country was producing wine, Ukraine was the Soviet Union’s largest supplier, until 1986 when Mikhail Gorbachov decided to put a stop to the ‘drunken Russian’ stereotype and set fire to over 800 square kilometres of vineyards in a bid to reduce the country’s intake of alcohol.

Fortunately, Communism fell soon after and the Ukraine went back to making wine, mostly ones you’ve never heard of and can’t buy in your local supermarket. If you do fancy a bottle of Krimskoye sparkling red, you’ll need to hop on a flight to Kiev!

Egypt – Wine Cellars in the Pyramids

Wine has been produced in Egypt since the time of mummies and tombs, the pyramids and Pharaohs. One can almost imagine Cleopatra lying in her bath of ass’s milk sipping a glass of fruity red or perhaps a chilled white to stave off the African heat. These days Egypt mostly imports wines for tourists but a relatively new producer, Karim Hvaidak, has established a vineyard in the deserts north of Cairo and now produces a variety of vino.

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