A Cabernet, Ma'am? Will That Be Bottle, Or Tap?

on 18/10/10 at 11:02 am


Hardy Wallace of the Natural Process Alliance winery pulls a glass of red from his tap. Photo: Cyrus Musiker

At Out the Door, a mini-chain of Asian fusion restaurants in San Francisco, wine director Gus Vahlkamp serves plenty of wine by the bottle. But he also sells four wines drawn from taps behind the bar.

That’s right: wine served from taps. Just like beer. And Vahlkamp says he has sound ecological and financial reasons for the setup.

“It’s better to reuse than recycle,” he says. “Our recycling has been reduced by at least half.”

Plus, it’s cost-effective: “The producers aren’t adding on the cost of the bottle, the cork, the carton and the transportation it comes in,” Vahlkamp says. “I’m able to buy these wines at 25 percent off the wholesale bottle cost, and I can offer the consumer a discount and still make money. Everyone wins on it.”

{Full story via NPR}

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