Chateau 'Nuff Do Rap

on 10/09/10 at 1:13 am


You know those movies where everyone in a New York restaurant is an aspiring something-or-other?  Well, NYC’s The Modern (housed in the Museum of Modern Art) decided to take advantage of this.  Says The Modern’s “Captain” Justin Warner:  “They would give us projects.  To make the restaurant better.  One person even did his in the form of a play.  I delivered mine in the form of rap.  Increasing our product knowledge.  The staff actually paid attention.”

The restaurant and their Wine Director Belinda Chang decided to take the show on the road to the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.  Justin characterized the response:  “You don’t really expect people to put their hands in their air, so it was pretty cool to see 150 people with their hands in the air and freaking out.”

Last Sunday, Chang and Warner did their presentation at the inaugural Taste of Beverly Hills located at The Beverly Hilton.  For his Chateau ‘Nuff Do Pape rap, Warner blends some smooth Snoop Dog beat (think “Drop it Like it’s Hot”) with a pretty thorough description of the historic wine and it’s papal relationship.  Sample:  “14th Century – Clement V – needs a new home gives the Rhone a try.  Avignon’s hot and it’s riverside, plants a couple grapes gets it Vine-ified.”  He even bombs the audience with a dope pope costume while spouting verse.  It doesn’t hurt that the audience is treated to a tasting of said Châteauneuf-du-Pape while enjoying Warner’s flow.  Snoop’s “Gin & Juice” could also benefit from such a pairing.

Where is this headed?  Justin says for now it looks like PBS is next.  Of course, PBS that destination for all things hip hop. A show called “Stress Free Cooking” calls, and Justin and Belinda will respond with a guest appearance.

~ D.R. Stewart

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