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Cheap Wines That Taste Expensive (All $20 or Less!)

on 29/12/14 at 11:35 am


inexpensive-wineWine should be an easy thing to pick up and bring to a party—in theory. In reality, the shelves of witty, worldly, and just plain weird labels with descriptions of “chewy tannins,” “fleshy” bodies, and notes of “charcoal” (love me some fresh charcoal!) can leave non-sommeliers (so pretty much everyone who’d be shopping for wine) confused. And then there’s the price. Expensive wine tastes better, right? But are they really that much better?

It turns out there are plenty of vinos that taste like a grand cru but cost way less—we’re talking no more than $20. From classic French sparklers to obscure yet delicious Serbian reds, these expert-picked bottles will please any crowd without anyone knowing how much you didn’t spend!

Note: Prices reflect averages on Wine-Searcher.com and may vary depending on where you live.

Perelada Blanc Pescador

Perelada Blanc Pescador

Although it costs only a smidge more than two-buck chuck, this slightly sparkling white packs much more bright citrus flavor. “When you can’t decide between still and sparkling, this is a perfect in-between,” says New York sommelier Courtney Schiessl. And at this price, it’s a go-to for parties. ($5)

2013 Evolúció Furmint

2013 Evolúció Furmint

Little-known wine regions (and often ones with the most confusing names) usually mean great bargains. This wine is dry and delicious with rich peach flavors and just a touch of stoney minerality, Schiessl says. But if none of that really matters to you, choose this bottle for its cute label! ($11)