Chinese Winemaker, Dynasty, Eyes International Credibility

on 14/11/10 at 1:56 pm


Its wines might not be as celebrated in China as imports from France or Australia, but the 30-year-old winemaker Dynasty has taken great pains to cast itself as the country’s premier label. As a joint venture with Remy Cointreau, Dynasty has consistently fallen back on its part-French heritage, a message that has resonated with a growing number of Chinese wine drinkers — many of whom know little about grape wine aside from its association with France. Apparently the company is doing something right in its home country, as Dynasty recorded growth of 9% and US$191 million in sales in 2009. To put the company’s growth into perspective, last year Dynasty sold 57 million bottles of wine in China, a significant leap over the 100,000 bottles it sold in 1980, its first year of business.

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