The Four Critical Elements You Must Have Right for a Proper Wine Cellar

on 15/11/10 at 10:04 am


The following four elements are vital considerations when selecting your wine cellar’s location.

Light – Rooms with even one window will not do. Good wine should be in total darkness until you turn on the cellar’s one small, dim bulb to select a delectable vintage. I know someone who uses a dim coloured bulb (I think it was amber) in his cellar. You want only enough light to be able to read the wine labels. Why? Because sunlight and fluorescent lighting will damage your wine. Since your wine cellar inventory is probably the largest part of your investment, protect it from light.

Humidity – You need a delicate balance in the humidity of the air in your wine cellar. Too dry and your wine can start evaporating through the cork; too humid and you invite mould and label damage. For those reasons, make sure that the location you choose is closed off from direct sources of heat and air conditioning.
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