The When & How to Decanting Wine

on 31/10/10 at 9:27 am


A READER writes: “I would like to learn more about the nuances of decanting. Which wines to decant, when not to, how to pour, how long to let it sit, the difference between decanting and just removing the cork for some period of time, the chemistry of the effect of oxygen on the wine and so forth.”

This is a very timely query. As we move into colder weather with the holidays upcoming, the wines we drink will be heartier and more complex than the simple sippers of summer. They may also be young wines, as wineries across the state (and beyond) are putting out a blizzard of new releases right now. Decanting these new wines β€” both red and white β€” can both enhance their flavors and jazz up the presentation on your holiday table.

{Full Story via Seattle Times}

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