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Drive to loosen Canada’s insane wine shipping barriers

on 05/10/11 at 10:31 am


Allan Schmidt remembers it as the height of absurdity.

About a year ago, he had two groups in at his Vineland Estates Winery shop.

They liked what they’d tasted. They wanted to know how to get more of it.

The first shock was the bottles were only available at the winery and not the LCBO.

“One group said ‘OK can you ship it to us?'” said Schmidt, president of Vineland Estates in Lincoln.

Schmidt told them it depends on where they live— in their case, Montreal. He is not legally allowed to ship out of province.

“To the second group I said, ‘well, we can ship it to you in Texas.'”

“They thought I was joking,” he said. “So the people from Texas had a case shipped to them. The people from Montreal left empty handed.”

It’s these and other scenarios that prompted a Monday private member’s bill to change the 1928 Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act.

That act makes it illegal to ship alcohol across provincial boundaries unless authorized by the receiving province’s liquor board.


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