Ever fantasized about having a vineyard in the Napa Valley?

on 30/10/10 at 8:47 pm


Ever think about how cool it would be to have vineyards in the Napa Valley? Maybe a little farmhouse on a knoll overlooking a few acres of cabernet? You could don your wide-brimmed hat and Carhartt jacket and walk the vine rows with your yellow lab on a crisp fall morning, brushing dew off of the leaves, plucking a berry and sampling the sweet nectar of what would become your next 100-point wine.

Well, the good news is that your love of wine (and beer and Scotch) may come in handy as you overcome the shock that growing grapes in the Napa Valley is really hard work. Those lush vineyards that hug our hillsides and blanket our valley floor don’t just sprout up after a good storm. It takes a whole lot of planning and money and people to get those vineyards ready for the travel brochures and wine magazines. And making them pretty is the easy part. Producing grapes that are up to Napa Valley standards takes a little more work.

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