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Fascinating. How much are the chateaux really worth?

on 30/06/11 at 12:52 pm


Château Lafite


Château Lafite may be worth as much as €4 billion and Le Pin not far short of €100m, according to a valuation of Bordeaux’s leading properties.

Liv-ex has calculated the worth of the region’s top châteaux and, using a series of measures (see below) has produced a list of just over 50 estates worth over €50m, with, perhaps unsurprisingly, the first growths filling the top five spots, and all but Haut Brion valued at more than €1bn.

Lafite, in first place, is valued at €3.7bn, based on an average case price of  €12,589 from a production of 22,000 cases for the grand vin and an average price just short of €4,000 for its 24,000 case-strong second wine.

This puts it at more than double the value of second placed Latour, worth €1.278bn, and over fives times more than Pétrus, the most valuable right bank estate, and sixth in the survey, with a potential price tag of almost €663m.

Meanwhile, despite the lowest production on the list with a 600 case average, Le Pin is valued at almost €90m, and enters the chart in 33rd place, just behind Pape Clement.


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