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Finally. Sommelier Evaluated: Best & Worst Celebrity Wines

on 25/04/13 at 4:20 pm

Image by Macey J. Foronda/Buzzfeed

Image by Macey J. Foronda/Buzzfeed

We asked a real wine pro to grade famous people’s fancy grape juice. What he thought might surprise you.”

Some wines we wanted to try were basically impossible to find (what gives, Lil Jon?), but we did our darnedest.

…and ask one of the country’s top sommeliers, Michael Madrigale, to ruthlessly evaluate them? …blind, of course, to prevent any judicial bias.

Madrigale is head sommelier and wine buyer for three of Daniel Boulud’s restaurants. He was the 2012 Food and Wine sommelier of the year as well as Wine Enthusiast‘s 2012 sommelier of the year. He is, coincidentally, a very nice person.