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French Minister slams EU plans to relax grape planting regulations

on 21/06/11 at 9:41 am


Bruno Le Maire French Minister for Agriculture, has spoken out against European Union plans to relax grape planting regulations, which he believes will threaten the continent’s ability to compete in the global wine market.

In a speech at the official opening of Vinexpo yesterday, Le Maire (left) criticised the current proposals, which will allow an increase in the production of wine grapes across all EU countries.

Arguing that this move would undermine efforts to preserve regional character in wines, as well as having a negative effect on quality, Le Maire also warned his audience of the price collapse that would result from over-production.

“I am against this liberalisation,” he stated. “It will not help European and French wine growers to achieve their aim of competing on a world scale with wines of the highest quality. We need a proper grape planting policy for Europe.”

As part of his efforts to oppose the proposals, Le Maire revealed he had already won promises of support from Italy, Spain, Germany and Hungary.

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