French wine in cans? Sacre bleu!

on 21/04/14 at 5:38 pm


ecct0413winecrate01Le vin … en canette: In a move that will raise a few perfectly arched French eyebrows, Winestar is putting premium Languedoc wine in aluminum cans. The 187-ml cans (equivalent of ¼ bottle) are oxygen- and light-resistant and packaged with an internal coating designed for wine. The first cans to hit California in June will contain wines made by Pol Flandroy of Château de l’Ille, including a full-bodied red blend of syrah, mourvèdre, carignan and grenache and a crisp, white cuvee made from malvoisie, rolle and grenache blanc. Compact and environmentally savvy, the cans ($3.99) are ideal for travel, including, ahem, yachting, according to Winestar’s website,