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French Wine Outlook Cut on Poor Flowering, Berry Development

on 07/08/13 at 2:49 pm


Shot_berriesFrench wine production is forecast to rise 11 percent this year, less than predicted a month ago on poor flowering and berry development in regions including Bordeaux and Burgundy. The forecast for Champagne was raised.

Output may rise to 45.8 million hectoliters (1.21 billion gallons) from 41.4 million hectoliters in 2012, the Agriculture Ministry wrote in a report today. The outlook was cut by 888,000 hectoliters, equivalent to 118 million bottles.

A cold and humid June resulted in unpollinated flowers and falling berries, called coulure by growers, as well as unevenly developed bunches, or millerandage, the statement showed. June was chilly this year, while the southwest had excessive rainfall, according to the weather office.

“Flowering for most of the important wine regions was poor because of these unfavorable weather conditions,” the ministry said. “Weather conditions at the end of June and start of July caused coulure and millerandage, which proved to be significant in some regions and for some varieties, resulting in a downward revision of the production potential.”