Grape growers are making up for lost time

on 29/09/10 at 4:18 pm


Photo: JOHN BURGESS / PD Vicente Aguilar removes shriveled pinot noir grapes on the first pass through Cattalini Vineyards near Forestville. The vineyard suffered a 30% loss due to recent heat waves.

Sonoma County harvest begins in earnest after high temps ripen fruit.

This time last week, Glenn Alexander was waiting for grapes to ripen and struggling to keep his workers busy.

But since Sunday, the president of Bacchus Vineyard Management has been in overdrive.

Alexander is operating on three hours of sleep, a noon nap and plenty of Flying Goat coffee as his crews scramble to harvest quick-ripening grapes from the baking sun.

“Everyone who has pinot noir wants it off this week at the same time,” he said. “There are not enough hours in the day, enough tractors or enough people to do it.”

They’re making up for lost time.

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