Ground-breaking study measures carbon in Fetzer Vineyards

on 16/11/10 at 12:45 pm


Fetzer Vineyard

A new study of carbon sequestration on 1,322 acres of Fetzer Vineyards vineyard and wild land in Mendocino County could make the chemical element a huge resource for the wine industry under California’s evolving greenhouse-gas emissions accounting system.

Owners of vineyard property should get carbon-capturing credit for leaving parts of the property undeveloped for soil-friendly viticultural techniques such as composting, mulching and cover cropping, according to U.C. Davis researcher Louise Jackson, Ph.D.

“There are huge stocks of carbon in these landscapes,” she said. “There’s no incentive to avoid land conversion in agriculture.”

Dr. Jackson, who has completed agriculture carbon-sequestration studies around the state for the California Energy Commission in the past several years, presented the study at the Green Wine Summit in Santa Rosa on Tuesday.

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