Head of Christie’s wine to introduce Chinese tasting notes for auctions

on 23/03/11 at 9:51 am


Christie’s new head of wine in China is aiming to introduce Chinese tasting notes to auction catalogues as soon as possible.

Simon Tam, the founder of Shanghai’s Independent Wine Centre, took up the Hong Kong-based position in February.

His brief, he says, is to bring the ancient auction house ‘closer to the Chinese community’.

One of his first moves – apart from serving vintage tea in the auction rooms – will be to begin adding original Chinese tasting notes alongside the traditional translated notes.

The main reason for this, Tam says, is that many western descriptors – such as blackberry and blackcurrant, or concepts such as ‘forest floor’ – are so uncommon in China as to be meaningless.

‘You can describe a rare old Burgundy as having “forest floor” or “earthy” characteristics – but when you translate that literally, you’d be lucky to find a forest in the middle of Shanghai.’

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