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Hello investors! Shanghai forms international wine exchange

on 21/06/11 at 8:38 am


The Shanghai government in China has set up The Shanghai International Wine Exchange (SIWE), an international trading platform to educate wine investors and to sell approved stocks of fine wines.

The exchange is an internet platform to act as a bridge between consumer or investors, and fine wine producers or suppliers in regions including Bordeaux, Burgundy, US, Spain or Ital, reports decanter.com.

The SIWE will provide information to investors to filter out counterfeit wines and provide a healthy wine consumption culture in China.

SIWE president Li Wenfeng said the new wine exchange was set up because the government understands that many Chinese wine investors have limited knowledge of fine wine.

The China Construction Bank Corporation (CCBC), will work together with brokers to offer packages of wines to high net worth individuals with assets of around $1.5m, he added.

The membership-only website is open to international investors across the world.


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