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How to fool a wine snob…or anyone! Try this simple trick

on 01/05/15 at 11:06 am


0b6e4a21567cacb666d7fc03829366c5If you want to trick your guests into thinking the cheap wine you’re serving is a special vintage, simply lie to them about how expensive it it. 

Research has found that people rate wine better if they are told it is pricey.

And the experts said so-called ‘price prejudice’ can blind people to the actual taste of wine and even change their brain function.

The research from the University of Bonn and INSEAD Business School studied the impact of ‘marketing placebo effects’ (MPE). 

This is when preconceived beliefs about a product create a placebo effect so strong that the actual chemistry of the brain changes.

‘Studies have shown that people enjoy identical products such as wine or chocolate more if they have a higher price tag,’ said study co-author Bernd Webber.

‘However, almost no research has examined the neural and psychological processes required for such marketing placebo effects to occur.’

Participants in the study were told they would consume five wines priced at £55, £28, £22, £6 and £3 ($90, $45, $35, $10, $5) while their brains were scanned.