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How to Read Italian Wine Labels. Prego.

on 30/01/14 at 9:22 am


how-to-read-an-italian-wine-labelLearn to understand Italian wine labels enough to get what you want. Here is a great set of tips and advice to keep handy so you can find and enjoy more Italian wine.

Parts of an Italian Wine Label

Italian wine labels are widely varied in how they look. Fortunately there are a specific set of information and clues that you can proactively seek out to determine what it is. The next time you are looking bewildered at an Italian wine label, try to identify the following characteristics:

  • Wine Type This can be identified through 1 of three ways (see below)
  • Region The region will always sit next to the classification level
  • Classification (DOCG, DOC, IGT, Vino de Tavola)
  • Wine Name This is never next to the classification and usually indicates that the wine is a blend of multiple regional grapes.
  • Producer Name Italian wineries will often use words like Tenuta, Azienda, Castello or Cascina in their name (see more examples below)MORE via Wine Folly