Insight into Crushpad’s “Closing” Vs. “Imminent Closing” Controversy

on 20/06/12 at 10:59 am


“I left a shorter version of this a few minutes ago on Steve Heimoff’s blog (So what’s really going on with Crushpad?). Hope it offers a valid data point.

I love Crushpad. It’s been a great business for many people. I do hope Crushpad survives because its failure would affect so many good, gifted, talented people.

My only issue here: I sent Peter Ekman a draft of the article. I asked him for comment. He read the draft.

He emailed me back a vague “this story is inaccurate” but did NOT dispute the “closing” part. Or tell me what was inaccurate.

Over the years, I have heard that same line over and over … from the reporting I have done on Cosentino, Ascentia and others. Hell, I heard that from former members of the Nixon Administration when I was a Washington correspondent.

Had Ekman simply said, “no we are not closing. We are re-structuring.” The article and headline would have been different.”

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