Listen to a higher authority! Break the rules of wine-food pairings

on 20/10/10 at 10:44 am


“Much of what passes for wisdom in food-and-wine pairing has always struck me as fishy. I’m talking such classic matchups as red Burgundy with creamy cheese (ghastly), strawberries with Champagne (a waste of the latter) and Thai food with beer (a surefire way to ruin two good things). To question such entrenched standards is to invite scorn from my fellow diners and traditional sommeliers.

Then I found a breath of fresh sommelier air in François Chartier. Mr. Chartier, a Quebecker, is the author of Taste Buds and Molecules: The Art and Science of Food with Wine, published last year in French and just released in English by McClelland & Stewart. I wrote about him last summer as his book, the culmination of two decades of chemistry research and experimentation, began causing a stir in culinary circles.”

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