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Making Sense of Wine Apps

on 21/06/11 at 9:02 pm


Wow, how times have changed. It wasn’t that long ago when ‘wine and apps’ meant a glass of dry rose and brie before dinner. Now there are over 450 wine applications to check out on the iPhone. That’s six times as many wine apps as were available on the iPhone last year. There are apps for wine reviews, food pairing, wine journaling, games, interacting with other vinophiles, apps to buy a drink for a friend or to find a winery. There are a lot of choices unless you have an Android or a Blackberry. Then you already know you are much more limited.

I started off with a flurry of interest, downloading a dozen apps, but my excitement fizzled fast. The apps got buggy on me and I often couldn’t find the information I wanted. For example, I searched for a dry, zingy Verdicchio that I had recently at a nearby restaurant.

I looked at several apps. Drync could tell me the price but not where I could get the wine. Snooth came back with four stores, including one in New York and one in Amsterdam. Thinking I might be missing something I called on a guy who knows a lot about wine apps — Paul Mabray, founder of Vintank. Vintank is a digital think tank for the wine industry. I asked Mabray why am I having such a hard time searching for a bottle of wine?

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