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Modern Greek Wines

on 25/10/10 at 11:08 am


A tour of Greek wineries proves that the country has moved well beyond Retsina.

“Modern Greek wines are terrific! They couldn’t be further from the taverna plonk that still floods the (non-Greek) collective imagination, a connection that’s as hard for the country to shake as those resilient straw-covered Chianti flasks are for Italy. I recently visited a handful of mainland Greece’s most interesting wineries — the country produces 0.8 percent of Europe’s wines — and was impressed by what I saw and tasted. (See my Zester article on Greek vineyard food). The wine estates were selected by George Spiliadis, whose family runs the Milos restaurants in New York, Montreal and Athens, which specialize in pared-down Greek dishes made with fine Mediterranean ingredients.”

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