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Napa vintners report 'excellent quality' for 'elegant' 2010 vintage

on 06/12/10 at 10:26 am


Vintners in Napa are reporting ‘excellent quality’ across the region in reds and whites – though the season wasn’t without significant challenges.

Across the region volumes were low, there is good colour in the must, sugars are good but not excessive, and alcohol levels will be comparatively modest.

This should mean ‘balanced, elegant wines’, as Terry Hall of Napa Valley Vintners put it.

The 2010 season was exceptionally cool and long, with some wineries leaving parcels until November. It was a year of extremes for growers, with prolonged coolness, intense heat spikes in August, and monsoon-like rainfall in late October which interrupted a much-needed Indian Summer.

Some wineries picked before the October storms but many lost a sizeable amount of fruit, either from heat spike damage or green harvest – dropping clusters to enhance ripening in the cool temperatures. There was also the issue of uneven ripeness.

{Full story via Decanter}

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