Napa wineries target adventure seeking wine lovers

on 25/09/11 at 6:12 am


Napa wineries target adventure seeking wine lovers with new off-roading, castle tours.

It seems it takes more than great wine to attract tourists to Napa.  In order to be a step ahead of their competition, some wineries have come up with “gimmicks” to attract wine-lovers to their area.

At Castello di Amorosa, one of the Napa Valley’s spectacular castles, wine lovers can make their fairy tale dreams come true by taking a horse-drawn vineyard tour on an 1800’s vis-à-vis carriage. The tour includes tastings, breathtaking views of the valley and a tasting of Castello di Amorosa’s wine in their reserve tasting room.

For the more adventurous, Somerston Estate offers visitors an off-road vineyard experience. These tours are new and only began in June 2011.  This tour features an educational all-terrain vineyard tour, a sampling of local cheeses and charcuterie made from their ranch’s grass-fed lamb, and even a refreshing drink from Somerston’s natural soda springs.

Then there’s the “make your own wine” tour where you can channel your inner winemaker by creating your own custom  blend.


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