‘On fire’ Rosé Ready for Upmarket Push

on 20/04/15 at 3:48 pm


the-many-shades-of-rose-wine-in-a-glassRosé is showing signs of a real opportunity to push into higher price points as this booming category wins over Champagne drinkers and finds listings at top restaurants.

“The market now needs super-premium rosé,” insisted Gérard Bertrand, a Pays d’Oc producer whose own rosé range has been expanding significantly.

Citing the example of Garrus, a rosé from Château d’Esclans in Provence that retails for over £50, as evidence of what can be achieved, Bertrand remarked: “People like to have a beautiful magnum of rosé on the table. They drink it like a white wine.”

In particular, he highlighted the opportunity for top end rosé in France and the US, both of which he described as being “on fire” when it comes to this category.

Tracking rosé’s recent boom in the French market, Bertrand reported: “In the last five years we have doubled the rosé market because it is being consumed by women – before they were drinking Champagne.